“F5” (Refresh)

 I’ve been working on Hecticube from about some time in June, right before the 2014 World Cup. Back then, it was just a PC game called World Cuppong. Actually, it started out as just me trying to making Pong, then it became something a bit bigger. Since then, I’ve finished World Cuppong, tried to make World Cuppong into a mobile game, then at some point realized that it just wasn’t the same and it evolved into the Hecticube of today.

Since I started, I’ve been maintaining (I’m using that word loosely) the same Unity file and the same scripts. The game has gone through at least 4 different controls schemes and 3 different main gameplay mechanics. On top of that, I still have no idea what is causing the game to crash on new devices such as a Moto X 2014 or a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. So what is a dev to do? Refresh.

I made a brand spanking new Unity file and I’m in the process of making brand new scripts, referencing some of the old code I wrote mixed with newer, better ideas of how to make the game run. This way too, I can more accurately figure out what the bug is that’s making the game crash and kill it. I want to smush it under my bare feet until it’s not even recognizable as a bug anymore. I’m out for blood… Okay that may be a bit much, but it’s seriously, pardon the pun, bugging me.

Hopefully I can work all of this out while making the game run more efficiently. Once I get back to where I was before the refresh, I’m not sure what I’ll tackle yet, but it’ll either be implementing AI or power ups. I’m leaning towards the latter because If I do the AI first, I’ll have to worry about making it work with power ups later.

Although quite daunting, it’s actually quite nice starting something from scratch. Quite, refreshing.