Logo Animation

I finally got a chance to animate the logo! I’m so thrilled with the final result. This is also the first time I’ve animated something fully in code too, so I’m pretty pleased that it works so nicely. Good thing it wasn’t a more complex animation else I’d be in trouble haha.

Basically, what’s happening is a few camera tricks. First off, the game uses an orthographic camera, meaning that no matter what the z depth of an object is, it always looks the same size. Next, there’s actually a blue plane which the shadows are being cast upon. The letters aren’t fading on, but instead they are changing from the same light blue as the background to white (I just used Color.Lerp). To make the shadows grow, I animated the letters in z space so that they start off flush with the plane and end up protruding from it - also the letters (and everything else in the game) are made in 3D. Put these together with a nice offset in time, and ladies and gentlemen we have a logo animation!