Based in NYC, originally from Kingston, Jamaica.

Release Date:

September 9, 2015


iOS, Android



Free (Originally $1.99 USD)


Hecticube is a hectic, minimalistic, sports action-arcade experience. It's an explosive new take on familiar games we know and love. It places you in a fast-paced multiplayer arena that will put your focus, speed, and dexterity to the test. Players shoot the ball to hit the opponent's goal. With every impact, the goal shrinks. Each goal has a maximum number of hits before it completely diminishes and the game is over.



Originally, Hecticube was not the Hecticube we have come to know today. It all began as Graham delving into unity and trying to create a basic version of Pong. Around the same time, the 2014 World Cup commenced and he figured that it would be cool to make an advanced version of Pong with a World Cup theme to commemorate it. It was called World Cuppong and that iteration of the game can be played on the web here. Once the World Cup had ended, the hype for it died down and Graham decided to transform the game into his own experience. Thus, after a few mechanics changes and a change in platform from PC to mobile, Hecticube was born.



  • Hectic, competitive gameplay.

  • Easy to learn, hard to master.

  • Single player against an AI opponent.

  • Local Multiplayer.

  • Various visual themes to choose from.

  • No In-App Purchases. Buy the game once and get all current and future content.




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Awards & Recognition

"Playcrafting Award Nominee - Best Audio" 
Playcrafting NYC Awards 2015


Selected Articles

"'Hecticube' is Like Reverse Pong with Bullets"
- Cater Dotson - Touch Arcade

"Hecticube is a '90s boardgame thunderdome come to life."
- Levi Rubeck, Kill Screen Daily

"Hecticube introduces bullets to Pong for a more frantic arcade experience."
- Chis Priestman, Pocket Gamer

Additional Links

Graham Reid’s Blog can be found here.


Design, Development, Art Direction:
Graham Reid

Sound Design:
George Hufnagl